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Did you know the Houghton Recycles

The Houghton has teamed up with Whole Earth for recycling at The Houghton. Whole Earth would like to thank each and every resident at The Houghton for recycling. The Whole Earth Recycling bins are located in the refuse rooms all over the development. Their feedback has been positive but they advised that recycling can even improve more.

By supporting Whole Earth Recycling you are supporting a wonderful community based project; a group of sorters calling themselves Hawk Flight. The recyclable material that Whole Earth Recycling collects is sorted by the Hawk Flight team, currently a group of 30 sorters, and they generate an income for themselves by sorting and selling the material to a local buy-back centre. This is their only source of income and without it they would be rummaging through Municipal refuse bins (in most cases mixed with expired food waste etc.) in order to gather recyclables to sell. By recycling you are contributing towards job creation (a total of around 50 people), directly through the Whole Earth Recycling admin team, the drivers, and the truck assistants (loaders) and indirectly through the community based project, while reducing the impact that we are having on our environment. Every little bit helps

Collection details:

  • Place all of your recycling (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, cans, cartons such as Tetra Pak and electronic waste- anything with a plug) into one refuse bags (preferably blue bags if possible although green, clear, red, yellow or purple bags will also suffice) – you don’t have to sort the recyclables into different bags.
  • Once your recycling bag is full, please place it into one of the clearly labelled recycling wheelie bins in the Refuse area in the basement.
  • Whole Earth Recycling will collect your recycling every Monday, except on public holidays and at the end of every year when they are closed.
List of recyclables:

Attached, is the list of recyclables that can be placed into your blue bags as well as a list of materials that cannot be recycled. We have included a guideline about plastics that can and can’t currently be recycled.